Basement TV Room Remodel

Another room that was touched in our remodel was our basement TV room space.  It was a bit of a blank slate and not in bad condition at all.  But a souped up TV/hang out space is what my husband’s dreams are made of, and when our contractor mentioned a wall of built ins highlighting the TV we were committed.  Here is the before, not particularly clean of course :). They pictures were taken by our amazing contractor, MKE Design Build.

There really was not much that needed to be redone aside from paint and the TV wall.  We potentially could have relocated the pipes in the ceiling but it wasn’t worth the investment for us, and they are nearly to the far wall so they don’t get in our way.  

As for the built ins that were supposed to frame our TV…that is a funny thing.  We started with a beautiful plan of built ins with shelves, cabinets, and sconces.  Then we got the quote. Nope.  Custom built ins are not cheap.  Then I found an idea that was used by Chris Loves Julia of semi built ins using IKEA cabinets.  But even THAT with the added carpentery was pushing our budget.  Our budget was in the midst of getting a serious work out.  That is when the idea of installing this floating Ikea cabinet framed with floating shelves was born.  You know what? it was like 1/20th of the price of custom built ins and I love it.  I think it looks nice, we have storage, and it meets all our needs for a basement TV space.  I would definitely do this plan all over again. 

A fun design piece to this area is that we had this accent wall wallpapered.  It actually looked great without the wallpaper, but we had purchased the wallpaper before it was completely finished.  I might have decided not to wallpaper if I had seen the finished product first.  But the decision had been made and it looks great in our opinion.  My contractor introduced me to the commerical grade geometric wallpaper that almost looked like leather.  I really fell hard with the sample, and the finished product it just adds a bit more of dimension.

To finish out this space we had to purchase a new sofa.  Our sectional that we had previously would not fit down our tight stairs.  We wanted something big and comfy that would fit our family for movie nights.  I always and forever want a Restoration Hardware Cloud Sectional, but it wasn’t in the cards, for the most obvious reason.  I found this World Market Sectional (psst if you are considering this or anything from World Market they often have sales).  It met all my criteria, so I pulled the trigger on one of their friends and family sales.  But when it arrived my husband had a total panic attack because of conflicting emotions.  He loved the sofa, that he named “the couch bed.”  It has all the space to lounge and watch TV. It is very comfy cozy.  But we have two teenage daughters. Its potential of being a scene for A LOT of comfy cozy moments for our teenagers and any of their visitors was VERY alarming for him.  He came up with two plans in keeping the sofa.  One is that if any boys came to watch a movie he would just camp out and practice his ping pong skills in the adjacent room.  The second plan is since the sofa is modular he can just move all the pieces to seperate corners of the basement.  Neither plan will make our girls very popular, but at least he feels okay about life for a moment :). I never thought that buying a sofa one of the variables to consider was to think like a teenage boy.  

PS did you notice the pretty canvas by Jennifer Lanne? I can never get enough of her work.  

Thank you for stopping by for this little glimpse into our home and experience. If you would like to see more remodeling posts check here and here.

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