Welcome to my little shop, Penny & Ivy.

I am Emily. I am a wife and a mother to 3 daughters and 1 son. This business started during the nap time of my youngest two children. This time was used to create. It was during several of these naps that I reupholstered my first chair using an antique European grain sack. It was a sweet moment when I first started working with the fabric. As I was plucking out some of the stitching, I imagined who might of taken the time to carefully hand stitch this sack together 60-plus years ago. This sack was meticulously created by someone to transport grain to feed their family. Did she sew this piece while sitting by the fire in her farmhouse with a baby at her side? Or did she sew it sitting outside in the sun while her kids ran and played? I believe she did it with love to help nourish her family. As a mother, I realize most of the value I provide for my family is in the small, everyday tasks that keep them fed, warm, and clean. These grain sacks, beautiful in appearance, also celebrate the beauty of individuals who dedicated their time to serving their family. Many of the sacks I use have patches and monograms. I see both as signs that they were used, loved, and needed by their families.

My shop also offers other pieces with a history that compliment the farmhouse look using antique fabrics. Each piece has a story. Each piece was used by another generation. We can now use the beauty of each piece to serve a modern day home. Thank you for taking the time to stop by Penny & Ivy.


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